About David Bollt

David created Model Society believing that every act of creative self expression helps shape the world. In his career as an artist and his work as a life coach and group facilitator, he has seen how shame blocks people from experiencing beauty in themselves and others. As culture hypnotizes us with messages of shame and judgment, David sees the celebration of human beauty as a vehicle to help people experience themselves and each other with appreciation and wonder. DavidBollt.com

From Outcast to Cover Girl


From Outcast to Cover Girl Dee Dettling shares an inspiring personal story about the challenges and rewards of being a plus-size model. In this gorgeous boudoir style series of images, Dee sends a message to curvy girls everywhere. Dee Dettling [...]

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Savannah Imagine confronting insecurity and body shame by revealing yourself nude for the world to see   SHARE THIS IMPORTANT BOOK WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVE I struggled to write this essay [...]


Dmitry Laudin


Dmitry Laudin - Body of Water Our Most Essential Substance From conception till the moment we are born, we are suspended in water. Approximately 70% of the human body is composed of this clear fluid substance. [...]

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Gary Samson


“Real beauty transcends time. It’s found in the grace of a 2500 year old Greek marble figure and a fleeting gesture of a confident woman who truly knows herself.”  – Gary Samson Gary Samson - Unflinching Revealing [...]

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Desert Queen and Axiaelitrix


Desert Queen and Axiaelitrix – Beyond Opinion Working with Desert Queen was a beautiful and surreal experience. Everything about her seemed natural, fluid, and palpable. Our collaboration was a free-form expression of our creativity. She was [...]

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The Abandoned Dream


The Abandoned Dream – Raw and True Raw and True I had always been attracted to capturing the human body in its most raw and true form. I began shooting models during a dark time. I [...]

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Trey Squire


Trey Squire – Self Discovery and Liberation “Believe in yourself. Study the greats, and become better.” Michael Jackson once said this, and it’s a quote that I live by. I set out to create a lane of my [...]

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Justin Kates


Justin Kates - Vampire Gothic Beauty and Darkness Justin Kates takes us on a tour through a lush vampire world that is romantic and dark. His seductive images entice the viewer with a striking combination of beauty [...]

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Sergio Lopez


Sergio Lopez “My art has mostly stemmed out of finding my place in this world. Growing up I was an extremely shy and timid person with low self-esteem. Art was the only thing I believed in [...]

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Todd F. Jerde


Todd F. Jerde - Divine Identity When I consider my biggest influences... I immediately think of the women in my life, especially my wife. Women have taught me to learn from the perspectives of others, and [...]

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