Trey Squire – Self Discovery and Liberation

Trey Squire, creates revealing figure studies that challenge us to transcend race and gender in our embrace of human beauty.

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Get the print or digital edition

“Believe in yourself. Study the greats, and become better.” Michael Jackson once said this, and it’s a quote that I live by. I set out to create a lane of my own while paying homage to the greats that came before me. I am inspired by the purity and rawness of the human psyche. Forever a student to the world and people around me, I strive to bring those visuals to life, without fear of tackling social issues, freedom of speech, or appreciation of the human form in its purest state.

I simply want to inspire people. My work is about self discovery and liberation. Through my art, I hope to inspire people to be all that they can. I want to encourage others to and erase thoughts of the outside world and do what they set their minds’ to. I’ve learned that photography is about telling stories. The opportunities are endless when there’s a vision and drive to create something special. I’ve gone from simply taking pictures to creating a collection of art to inspire and motivate

people. Most people see the camera as just that, but I see it as an instrument of creativity. photography is an art and photographers are artists.

– Trey Squire

Get the print or digital edition

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“I’m just one photographer . I can’t change the world alone, but I might be able to spark something within others.” — Trey Squire
Get the print or digital edition