About David Bollt

David created Model Society believing that every act of creative self expression helps shape the world. In his career as an artist and his work as a life coach and group facilitator, he has seen how shame blocks people from experiencing beauty in themselves and others. As culture hypnotizes us with messages of shame and judgment, David sees the celebration of human beauty as a vehicle to help people experience themselves and each other with appreciation and wonder. DavidBollt.com

Scott Grimando


Scott Grimando - Open Vessels Candles in the Darkness I love the expressiveness of the human figure. We’re not like other animals. Our body isn’t covered in fur. Every motion and emotion shows in through our muscles [...]

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Matthew Joseph Peak


Matthew Joseph Peak - Modern Renaissance Blending Emotions, Abstractions and Reality The reason I make art is that I just can’t help myself. I feel things deeply and art is my way to express and communicate what [...]

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Michael Bilotta


Michael Bilotta - Cloud Factory Through my art, I explore the inner terrain of the mind ... ... the fears, the hopes, the personal and universal human condition expressed through metaphor and allegory. My images are surreal [...]

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Thomas Dodd


Thomas Dodd - Visualizing the Divine Feminine I portray beauty as a fusion between the Divine Feminine and nature. As an artist, my mission is to create images of women and to reveal the beauty that lives [...]

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Model Society Magazine


Welcome to Model Society Magazine Gorgeous bodies uncensored. Art by great artists. Get the FREE Magazine: https://modelsocietymagazine.com/free-preview Throughout history, images of the human body have been celebrated by the arts ... But in the [...]

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Behind the Scenes With Rosa Brighid


Behind the Scenes With Rosa Brighid A Model of Social Grace “She embodies what Fine Art modeling is all about. I feel I know her through her art. She is not just modeling, she is projecting herself.“  [...]

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Modeling Empowerment


Rosa Brighid Bullied Nude Model Speaks Out – How Being a Model Changed Her Life I had a difficult childhood. Through school, I endured long years of relentless physical bullying and mental torment. I felt damaged [...]

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Rosa by Imagesse


Celebrating the Purity of Form Rosa Brighid by Imagesse It was a grey day. A cold breeze blew, causing the gulls to wheel and cry under a brooding sky. Standing beside me, gazing out across the sea [...]

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Modeling Empowerment (work safe)


Rosa Brighid Bullied Nude Model Speaks Out – How Being a Model Changed Her Life This video has been censored and is safe to share on Facebook. You can view the uncensored version here. Or click here for the FREE preview [...]

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Frisson Art


Frisson Art by Terry and Pepper Walker Frisson – French for ‘shiver’ – is a sensation somewhat like shivering. It is typically expressed as an overwhelming emotional response combined with goosebumps.. [...]

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