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Mature Model Alex B.

Video Feature: Mature Model, Alex B.Nude Modeling and Art Modeling Infused with Maturity and Style

Mature Model, AlexB has a classic, elegant beauty with the poise and grace of a trained dancer. When I was first asked to write about her, I looked to her modeling portfolio and found character, flexibility, and beauty. Her grace and poise might inspire younger models pursue mature modeling as they gain experience and wisdom. Her lean and strong body shows the indeterminable spirit of someone who continues to find practices that help her in a spiritual manner, and also as a model. She has recently begun to practice contortion and sees that as a spiritual practice, as well as a way to keep her body limber and in her control.

Mature Modeling at it's best: Alex B - Mature Model


Looking at her images I was simply mesmerized and felt excited about speaking with her about her modeling carrer.  I was nervous at first, imagining someone that has been an art model for so long might be tired of questions or would be stiff in her responses.  What I found instead, was a remarkable woman who showed warmth, sincerity and kindness, while at the same time expressing many of the same insecurities as most women I know.

Alex refers to herself as a “mature model”.  Many would assume that is simply because she is older, but if you experience her images you can see that maturity reflected in other ways. She understands her body and knows she needs a practice that keeps her limber, so that she thoroughly radiates soft glowing light through her modeling. Her maturity also can be seen as her steady courage in expressing herself so honestly and vulnerably as a nude model. She also speaks candidly about what so many women find difficult, how she sees (or does not see) herself as beautiful.

Alex B - Interview

What is beauty?

There is not a definition of beauty that fits all and what is regarded as beauty seems to change with time and location. I suppose the old saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ holds true. For me beauty is what aesthetically pleases me.

What do you want people to experience when

they look at your work? Is there a particular moment you could share when you felt this the most?

I would like people to like the images I pose for. I am always quite amazed that people, from time to time, should feel moved by my photos and send me messages of appreciation. It gets me motivated. It is easy to take modeling for granted if you have done it for a number of years, as I have. But knowin

g that some people look forward to seeing my work makes me feel I owe it to them to perform to the best of my abilities.

What is the most rewarding thing for you about modeling?

I love the camera and love seeing the images afterwards. I know that I don’t necessary look so interesting in real life but modeling gives me an oppo

rtunity to perform.

Do you have any advice for someone who would like to be a model?

Yes. Keep your wits about you and enjoy it while you can. It will not necessarily last.

How long have your practiced yoga and dance and how do you feel they help you?

I have done a lot of dance and yoga is someth

ing I simply have to do in order to keep flexible. I recently started doing contortion; it is not as scary as it sounds. I will never reach the level of my teacher Iona, who is a Mongolian contortionist and holds various world records. But it helps me with my flexibility. I practice backbends and splits.

Contortion complements my yoga practice and it helps with modeling and everything else in life because it refines the power to endure.  You can’t do contortion without experiencing pain but that pain is compensated by the control you acquire over your body and ultimately over yourself. So the way I see it is very much as a spiritual practice like yoga

only not tied to specific beliefs – in yoga you need to take on board a whole system of esoteric knowledge about the body and special energy points (the chakras). In contortion you don’t, but knowledge of the body develops as you deepen your practice. An essential component is the breath, it is what allows you to surrender to the pain and acquire the flexibility you need in order to bend at will.  Yoga is probably the same but t

hese days it is not taught so rigorously and the idea of pushing the body is not embraced by yoga teachers.

How does it feel to have your own beauty celebrated?

To some extent it is weird because I don’t see myself as beautiful. But then beauty is in the eye of the beholder…



If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Alex’s images are a gift to the eye of those who appreciate her elegance and artistry.  As a mature model, her grace and beauty shine in each shot, whether she is dressed in leather, nude or otherwise adorned within the glorious realm of nature. Alex’s encourages us to see beyond the surface we see in our mirror and to look a little deeper, within our hearts.

Alex B - Interview

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