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“Can you appreciate the elegance and beauty of a human form in the peak of it’s youthful bloom… even as you celebrate the profound beauty of an entire human lifespan?”


Last week, I recorded a raw and real conversation with Casey Capshaw (of the Authentic Man Program) about models, pornography, human beauty and the healing power of art. Without holding back, we discussed the hidden truth about aging bodies, full-figured bodies, and different kinds of beauty. We took a candid look at why so many guys experience images of women through the lens of porn.

While sexual shame and the manipulative influences of commercial culture affect us all, in this conversation we take a closer look at these issues through the eyes of men. In today’s culture, many guys seem lost and don’t know how to experience beauty beyond the context of culturally engrained shame and objectification. We also uncover how models, photographers and artists are offering men (and everyone) a healing way to experience images of women, sexuality and humanity in general.

Help the models, photographers and artists of Model Society bring some sanity and beauty into (what often seems like) an insane, unloving world. If you support a healthy vision of human beauty, please share this with others!

I’m a little afraid of sharing some of the perspectives in this interview, so I hope you’ll listen.

What do you think? Am I crazy, or is the world crazy?
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David Bollt

PS. To the members of Model Society: THANK YOU! We are getting messages every day from people who are touched by the work you do. You are helping heal the way people everywhere experience themselves and one another.


Men's sexual shame by Pierre Fudarylí

Artwork by Pierre Fudarylí

Aging bodies, full figured bodies and different types of beauty… Watch the video or listen to the podcast now.


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