A lesson in how to create nude art photography

Enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at the creative process with master photographer, Eric Boutiller-Brown and art model, Ingrid

In this beautiful video, Model Society photographer, Eric Boutiller-Brown, offers a behind-the-scenes look at his intuitive creative process. His articulate reflections provide moment-by-moment insights from the beginning to the end of a photo shoot.

Eric and nude art model Ingrid, show us that making beautiful art requires far more than just a camera and a model. They demonstrate how a combination of planning and spontaneity can come together to result in stunning images. We see clearly, through Eric’s thoughtful approach, that an artist’s appreciation of composition, lighting and natural beauty is reflected in the quality of the finished works of art.

Watch the video, to enjoy these beautiful images with greater depth and appreciation than you may have previously imagined possible.

Eric Boutiller-Brown has appeared in Model Society Magazine and has contributed to our most popular videos, with well over a million views at YouTube and Vimeo combined.

If you want to enjoy more insightful and inspiring videos from Eric, you can support his recent Kickstarter campaign and receive some special limited edition fine art prints.

Founder: Model Society

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Images from Eric Boutilier-Brown and Ingrid

Evolving Beauty Ingrid Portfolio at Kickstarter
nude art model on a bridge
beautiful nude art model under a bridge
nude art model on a bridge
nude art model on a rocky beach
beautiful nude art model with plants
wet nude art model in a lake under the sky
Limited edition portfolio prints

It’s been thirty years since I held my first camera, and to mark this milestone, I’m going to produce a limited edition print portfolio of new work. Early in the summer of 2016, I will spend two weeks creating photographs celebrating the Nude in the haunting ruins and rich landscape of Ireland. From these images I will select the photographs to be included in the 2016 Ingrid Portfolio.

This Kickstarter is an opportunity to witness the creative process from start to finish. I’ve worked with Ingrid since 1998. She’s helped me create some of my most iconic photographs of the past 17 years.

Select from a number of rewards, including signed prints, exhibition-sized photographs, or the 2016 Ingrid Portfolio.

Eric Boutiller-Brown

nude art model photography portfolio