Timeless Vintage Nudes

Max Operandi

This month’s cover art, by photographer Max Operandi and model Ella Rose, is an exquisitely crafted example of the photographer’s a bright style of vintage nudes. Ella seems to pause, enjoying the serenity of a moment, before filling this beautiful space with movement and dance. The Ballet pointes, the fireplace, the chair and the floor resonate together with Ella’s stillness and poise to create this golden moment captured.

Max Operandi: Nude Photography, Nude Models, Nude Art

As a photographer, Max Operandi explores timeless vintage esthetics. Looking at his portfolio, one could imagine these beautiful portraits and nudes as well preserved antiques. His models seem to embody expressive nuances of past creative eras.

Max Operandi shared some intriguing details with us about the cover image and his collaboration with Ella.

Last year I fulfilled a couple of my dreams…one was getting married and the other was working with Ella Rose. Ella is one of those classic renaissance models that have a timeless appeal. Her stunning romantic looks and flowing curls will never go out of fashion.

This sequence of images of Ella came about because she had brought some new Ballet Pointes and want some shots of her dancing in them. I have always been a fan of Degas and his images of Ballerinas getting prepared for a performance are wonderful. In fact I have a canvass copy of 4 ballerinas on chairs 3m x 1m in my lounge at home. This is where the inspiration came from as far as I was concerned…although others in the group liked the shape of the chair.


Max Operandi worked in the advertising industry for many years as an Art Director where his skill as a photographer proved to be an advantage to his creative work. A few years ago, he set up a large format printing company which prints archival quality photographs and canvasses for galleries, museums and fellow artists. He also has a studio on premises where he pursues his passion for photography. His photography has been featured in the pages of GQ and other magazines world wide. At Model Society, Model Mayhem or wherever you find his work, Max Operandi’s vintage nude style stands out as unique.

Max Operandi: Classic nudes, nude models, nude photography, nude art