Photo Manipulation and Nude Fantasy Art by Gonzalo Villar

VIDEO FEATURE – Photo manipulation techniques – Nude fantasy art by Gonzalo Villar, master Photo Shop artist .

Using masterful photo manipulation techniquesGonzalo Villar creates incredibly beautiful nude fantasy art images. His process is unique, combining state-of-the-art digital tools, along with traditional laboratory techniques that were originally used to create the first photo-montages from Berlin in the early 1900’s, by the Dadaists. (Berlin Dada group) His photo manipulations are exceptionally well crafted and seem to magically merge his models into surreal fantasy settings. When looking at his images and fine art prints, you might feel challenged to find the seams where fantasy art and imagination blends into photos of real art models.

Gonzalo’s passion for digital art and photography has inspired him to be a leader in the community of photo manipulation artists. He puts as much attention on highlighting the work of other photographers and artists, as he puts on his own fantastic talents. Gonzalo is an inspiration to many. His incredible talents inspire people to look closely at art and imagine in an endless universe of possibilities.

What do you want people to experience when they look at your images?

Pleasure, without a doubt, is what I pursue in most of my work! I try to open people’s eyes. I want to innovate for them to discover things… new realities which were hidden before behind a conventional point of view, and of course to amaze people through beautiful and balanced aesthetics. In addition to portraying my models´ beauty, I must admit that I love creating unexpected and surreal environments. This combination of intentions results as an incredible full picture.

There is a quote by Oscar Wilde I love… “Beauty is a form of genius, it is higher indeed than genius, as it needs no explanation. It is one of the great facts of the world, like sunlight.” I try to express the essence of this quote with my work.

What does it feel like to be inspired? And what inspires you?

Inspiration is defined as an outbreak of irrational and unconscious creativity. As the Greek artists use to say, “inspiration is supposed to take the artist beyond his own mind to receive the thoughts of the Gods.”

In my case, inspiration is actually capricious, sometimes brought by a simply detail nobody paid attention to, a gesture, some words or an image. However, I must admit that working with photos of such beautiful models, inspiration touches me often enough.

What is your favorite thing about being an artist? What is the most difficult thing about being an artist?

The best of being an artist is to have the freedom to be able to express feelings and handle working hours without pressure. The worst is finding the way of making a living out of it.

The Artist creates beautiful things. To show the art and hide the artist, is the aim of art.

Why do you choose to create images of human beauty?

Because I love a woman’s body, which is obvious in most of the photos I work with. Not only do I extol feminine beauty, I always try to show something deeper, introducing elements with a final aim.

I admit there is a premeditated sexual impulse involved in the photos. I get nudity is not only a shape and a shade, but an image of sexual desire and I believe we must all face the fact that human beings are very sexual creatures. Working with photos of women is a process which always involves some sexual tension, and when this tension translates in images, then I feel I succeed.

To me an image must be impulsed by passion, and I believe that the strongest passion we have as human beings, is desire for contact with the other. The view of a human face or body is the confirmation of the mysterious miracle of our own existence, and we are wired to respond to these images. All I try to do is to put together that mystery with images.

Photo Manipulation and Nude Fantasy Art by Gonzalo Villar

We are honored to have Gonzalo Villar as part of the Model Society community. His incredible photo manipulations and nude fantasy art images inspire people to look closely at fantasy art and imagine an endless universe of possibilities. Check out his amazing portfolio of images and prints right here at Model Society.

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