Beauty is an experience, not a standard

Beauty is an experience, not a standard. Only you can rescue your own experience of human beauty. Throughout history, images of humanity have been celebrated by the arts. But in the glossy pages of most magazines [...]

Joel Belmont’s Essential Nature

Joel Belmont's Essential Nature “As a photographer I work to capture intangible qualities of Spirit – the very core of existence.  My work is my search for the unseen beauty and truth which occurs in and around us all.” [...]

Your Body is your Biography

Beyond the Erotic – Your Body is your Biography A personal essay about women's bodies: By Devi There is an irrational fear of the bare female body in culture today. From stringent dress codes for high school girls to censorship [...]

Your body is not a crime

Your Body is not a crime! David Bollt Many social platforms consider your naked body to be obscene so the original version of this video was censored. Thanks to so many requests we have posted this uncensored [...]

Thomas Dodd: Visualizing the Divine Feminine

Thomas Dodd's artwork and photography exemplifies the coming together of traditional art and modern digital techniques. Thomas somehow has the inexplicable gift of seeing far beyond the mere surface of his models and into seemingly ancient and hidden ways of being. He [...]

Maria: The Advantages of Maturity

Maria started modeling at age 43 with a remarkable passion and dedication, that helped her transcend expectations of what a model is supposed to be. She embraces herself and others as being beautiful, each in their own unique light. Maria [...]

Capturing Beauty Underwater

The Cold, Wet, Messy Reality of Capturing Beauty Underwater By Sydney photographer; Chris Meredith It all started as I was swimming out to a distant buoy in Sydney harbour early one winter’s morning. The routine of [...]

Justin Kates – Naked Vampires and Dark Sexuality

Naked Vampires and Dark Sexuality Justin Kates Justin Kates takes us on a tour through a lush vampire world that is both romantic and dark. His images confront the viewer with a unique combination of beauty and horror. His work [...]

Fallen Echo: Art Model with a Ravenous Appetite to Create

Art Model with a Ravenous Appetite to Create Fallen Echo Fallen Echo is a model of exceeding talent, insight, and capability. Her portfolio greets you by stating simply “I wish to create a more beautiful world with the art I [...]

Shaun Tia on Being a Model: Sensuality Personified

Shaun Tia on Being a Model Sensuality Personified Despite a chorus of voices telling her she could not be a model, Shantia Veney (known to her fans and peers as Shaun Tia) has relentlessly pursued her passion to become one [...]