Undeniably Sculptural

Artists throughout the ages have been celebrated for creating accurate and inspiring portrayals of the human form. In paintings and sculpture, the elegant proportions of the human body are recognized for their miraculous beauty. We put great artists on pedestals for their genius, but often fail to recognize that these great artists are putting you, me and all of humanity on a pedestal. These transcendent works of art are attempts to immortalize, celebrate and imitate the miracle of the human body as it already is: perfectly formed … living and breathing … as you and me.

As you experience these images, we invite you to consider the perspective of the artist, rather than the work of art alone. Imagine the lines and forms of your own body seen as a miracle, worthy of study, contemplation, exploration and imitation. Climb up on a pedestal and imagine yourself through the eyes of art.

“If any thing is sacred, the human body is sacred.”

— Walt Whitman

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“When we learn how to welcome nudity, peace will invade our world and minds. Virtue will be the outcome.”

— Jaime Villalva