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Welcome to Model Society Magazine!

My name is David Bollt and I’m the founder of Model Society. I wanted to say hello and thank you for believing in human beauty.

Within the pages of Model Society Magazine, the best and most creative models, photographers and artists are celebrating human beauty as true works of art. In a world full of manipulative and unkind messages, these incredible talents are helping people around the world heal the way they experience themselves and one another.

My promise to you … At Model Society, you will experience humanity through the eyes of the world’s greatest models, photographers and artists. To inspire you and touch your heart, we will be sharing handpicked images and articles that explore the entire spectrum of human beauty. You’ll enjoy some of the worlds best art, as we introduce you to the creative talents who are at the core of this emerging movement.

Break free from the cultural hypnosis of beauty standards and reclaim your experience of human beauty as your own.

Subscribe to Model Society Magazine and support a refreshing vision of human beauty!

Thank you!

David Bollt
Founder: Model Society


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