Joel Belmont’s Essential Nature

“As a photographer I work to capture intangible qualities of Spirit – the very core of existence.  My work is my search for the unseen beauty and truth which occurs in and around us all.”

“What makes any one photograph a true work of art?”

Joel Belmont knows the answer, and he can explain it to you.

Within minutes of meeting Joel, we started discussing art, and he answered this deeply philosophical question with surprising clarity. He showed me some of his favorite images. With nuanced explanations he helped me see the otherwise-hidden elements that combined to result in moving, awe-inspiring and beautiful works of art. With a sense of discovery and joy I began to realize what made these works of art so special. I could see why so many of Joe’s students become masters of their art.

Joel has a profound understanding of his craft and is able to communicate complex concepts with simplicity and grace. He is a natural teacher, who takes pride in helping students realize that true artistic excellence is attainable for any dedicated photographer.

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A creative quest with master photographers

A rare opportunity to experience amazing stories and stunning works of art from the models and photographers who have gone on an extraordinary adventure into nature.
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Joel has voraciously assimilated a wide range of traditions and techniques into his own very unique style. His art is bold, powerful and irresistibly compelling. His work speaks a dreamlike language of symbols, landscapes, body language and light. His images resonate with the influence of great photography masters, whose work he has studied with meticulous care.

In both the symbolism of his art and the way he lives his life, Joel is inspired by the passage of time. At a young age he had a profound and painful realization that compels him to make the most of every day: When he was just 6 years old, Joel considered the inevitable death of his beloved grandparents, and the preciousness of the moments they had together. This relentless passion for life is at the heart of his teachings and his creativity.


As the founder of The Dynamic Nude Workshop, Joel leads a small group of photographers and art models deep into some of the world’s most ancient and majestic landscapes. He guides them, on a mutual quest to unlock the secrets of creating truly inspired works of art. Returning from this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, both models and photographers are transformed.

With his beautiful art and the elegant wisdom of his perspective, Joel Belmont is inspiring an ever-growing tribe of like-minded photographers to expand their skills and broaden their vision. Joel sees art and beauty through the eyes of a well-informed connoisseur. With the skill of a master and the enthusiasm of a child, Joel calls our sensibilities to higher levels of refined enjoyment.


Joel Belmont is the creator of the Dynamic Nude Workshop. After receiving a BA in Photography from Principia College, he’s spent over 15 years working in, teaching, exhibiting and curating fine art photography. Joel is fluent with both modern digital formats as well as large format film. He currently lives near Aspen, Colorado with his wife Lili (an accomplished German painter) and three children, as he works on a wide range of domestic and international projects.