Intrinsically Metaphorical

As human beings, we experience life through a filter of meaning and metaphor.

As human beings, we experience life through a filter of meaning and metaphor. Our nightly dreams, the childhood stories we grew up learning, and even the structure of our language help us see that all our experiences are steeped in symbolic associations.

This pervasive matrix of implied meaning is leveraged by models, photographers and artists to convey subtle and powerful messages. They create images that bypass the rational mind, speaking directly to our hearts and souls. They tell stories that appeal to our hopes and our fears. Even as they share individual visions, they also reveal universal truths about the human condition.

The models, photographers and artists of Model Society invite you to look beneath the surface of things. Consider how the symbols and metaphors within someone else’s imagination can illuminate the otherwise hidden associations through which you experience your own life.

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 “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”

— Aristotle

Art is a celebration of life, intended by the artist to put the spectator in touch with the divine .”

— Joseph Plaskett