Beauty is an experience, not a standard

Beauty is an experience, not a standard. Only you can rescue your own experience of human beauty. Throughout history, images of humanity have been celebrated by the arts. But in the glossy pages of most magazines [...]

Honestly Revealing

Honestly Revealing Bring beauty into the world by simply allowing your honest self to be seen. Commercial culture can seem like a bully, threatening to beat you up with rejection and ridicule if you dare to reveal [...]

Naturally Uplifting

Naturally Uplifting Can you let yourself be impacted by what nature made, exactly as it is? It’s easy for people to look at an image of a sunset or beautiful landscape and behold the majesty of nature. [...]

Intrinsically Metaphorical

Intrinsically Metaphorical As human beings, we experience life through a filter of meaning and metaphor. As human beings, we experience life through a filter of meaning and metaphor. Our nightly dreams, the childhood stories we grew up [...]

Beautifully Masculine

Beautifully Masculine These men help us see the masculine humanity in all of its aspects as simply beautiful. The masculine. For some he is our father. Our son. Our brother. For others he is a mentor. a [...]

Exquisitely Tender

Exquisitely Tender Sometimes life’s most beautiful moments are the private and tender times when we are alone, or with just one other person. Moments when we experience true intimacy are rarely shared, broadcast or seen by others. [...]

Emotionally Naked

Emotionally Naked Let’s welcome vulnerable humanity out from the shadows and into the light of acceptance. In social news feeds, we see images of happy people living happy lives. Celebrities, success and smiling selfies would have you [...]

Undeniably Sculptural

Undeniably Sculptural Artists throughout the ages have been celebrated for creating accurate and inspiring portrayals of the human form. In paintings and sculpture, the elegant proportions of the human body are recognized for their miraculous beauty. We [...]