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Welcome to Model Society Magazine Gorgeous bodies uncensored. Art by great artists. Get the FREE Magazine: Throughout history, images of the human body have been celebrated by the arts ... But in the glossy pages of [...]

Men talk about models, aging bodies, full figured bodies and true beauty.

Watch the video or listen to the podcast "Can you appreciate the elegance and beauty of a human form in the peak of it’s youthful bloom… even as you celebrate the profound beauty of an entire human lifespan?"   Last week, [...]

How to create nude art photography

A lesson in how to create nude art photography Enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at the creative process with master photographer, Eric Boutiller-Brown and art model, Ingrid In this beautiful video, Model Society photographer, Eric Boutiller-Brown, offers a behind-the-scenes look at his [...]

Exploring Masculine Beauty and Male Nudes

Regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, are you capable of experiencing men as simply beautiful? In the peak of their athletic strength and in the inevitable changes of old age, can you see men as beautiful works of art? [...]

Wind Dancers by Anastasia Kole

Wind Dancers Video and insights from art model Anastasia Kole The Dynamic Nude Workshop - LEARN MORE! What inspired you to create the video? I was surrounded by amazing nature and beautiful women. It all happened [...]

Your body is not a crime

Your Body is not a crime! David Bollt Many social platforms consider your naked body to be obscene so the original version of this video was censored. Thanks to so many requests we have posted this uncensored [...]

Thomas Dodd: Visualizing the Divine Feminine

Thomas Dodd's artwork and photography exemplifies the coming together of traditional art and modern digital techniques. Thomas somehow has the inexplicable gift of seeing far beyond the mere surface of his models and into seemingly ancient and hidden ways of being. He [...]

Maria: The Advantages of Maturity

Maria started modeling at age 43 with a remarkable passion and dedication, that helped her transcend expectations of what a model is supposed to be. She embraces herself and others as being beautiful, each in their own unique light. Maria [...]

Why the celebration of humanity as art is so important

Model Photography by Ungemuetlich Believing in human beauty Why the celebration of humanity as art is so important   In a world that is full of unkind and manipulative messages about human beauty, model Society offers you a vision of humanity [...]

The Dance of Human Relationship as Art: Models Kitty and Aaron

The moments in life that feel the most alive, are in deep connection with another human being. In their art, models Aaron and Kitty walk us through the fires of relationship. They articulate profound depths of challenge, passion, surrender and [...]