Beauty is an experience, not a standard.

Only you can rescue your own experience of human beauty.

Throughout history, images of humanity have been celebrated by the arts. But in the glossy pages of most magazines and commercial culture, images of humanity are being used to systematically bombard us with exploitative messages about beauty.

We find ourselves swimming in a bottomless ocean of lies and manipulation. Our natural desire to appreciate beauty in ourselves and each other is being leveraged by unloving, impersonal agendas to sell you products and ideas. Beauty has become a standard.

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Our humanity, when portrayed as art, has the power to help us appreciate and explore the depths of our shared human experience. When we see ourselves through the eyes of art we have an opportunity to realize our unique individuality and our transcendent oneness.

We invite you to break free from the cultural hypnosis of beauty standards and reclaim your experience of human beauty as your own.

We hope you will allow yourself to look upon each work of art within these pages with new eyes, reconsidering your own unique humanity as a beautiful and miraculous work of art.

Christa J. Maier (content director)

David Bollt (Founder)