About David Bollt

"There is something healing in quality art. It returns our shared humanity to its rightful place as a subject of fine art contemplation. The celebration of human beauty makes the world a better place for us all."

Tim Pile and Lulu Lockhart

Tim Pile and Lulu Lockhart - An Artist's Inspiration A Transforming Collaboration Lulu has made me a better person. you hear a lot about young people today who are often in news for all the wrong reasons. In [...]

How to create nude art photography

A lesson in how to create nude art photography Enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at the creative process with master photographer, Eric Boutiller-Brown and art model, Ingrid In this beautiful video, Model Society photographer, Eric Boutiller-Brown, offers a behind-the-scenes look at his [...]

Exploring Masculine Beauty and Male Nudes

Regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, are you capable of experiencing men as simply beautiful? In the peak of their athletic strength and in the inevitable changes of old age, can you see men as beautiful works of art? [...]

Wind Dancers by Anastasia Kole

Wind Dancers Video and insights from art model Anastasia Kole The Dynamic Nude Workshop - LEARN MORE! What inspired you to create the video? I was surrounded by amazing nature and beautiful women. It all happened [...]

The Art of Healing Scarlett

A personal story of transcending trauma and abuse through the power of art. The Art of Healing Scarlett   Over the the course of ten years, my relationship to my body was ruined by trauma and objectification. [...]

The Nature of Falling in Love

The Nature of Falling in Love By Craig Blacklock I’m the only one awake and the water is perfectly calm, reflecting the first morning light as it illuminates majestic sandstone cliffs. I’m at Lake Powell to teach [...]

Beauty is an experience, not a standard

Beauty is an experience, not a standard. Only you can rescue your own experience of human beauty. Throughout history, images of humanity have been celebrated by the arts. But in the glossy pages of most magazines [...]

Joel Belmont’s Essential Nature

Joel Belmont's Essential Nature “As a photographer I work to capture intangible qualities of Spirit – the very core of existence.  My work is my search for the unseen beauty and truth which occurs in and around us all.” [...]

Honestly Revealing

Honestly Revealing Bring beauty into the world by simply allowing your honest self to be seen. Commercial culture can seem like a bully, threatening to beat you up with rejection and ridicule if you dare to reveal [...]

Naturally Uplifting

Naturally Uplifting Can you let yourself be impacted by what nature made, exactly as it is? It’s easy for people to look at an image of a sunset or beautiful landscape and behold the majesty of nature. [...]