About David Bollt

David created Model Society believing that every act of creative self expression helps shape the world. In his career as an artist and his work as a life coach and group facilitator, he has seen how shame blocks people from experiencing beauty in themselves and others. As culture hypnotizes us with messages of shame and judgment, David sees the celebration of human beauty as a vehicle to help people experience themselves and each other with appreciation and wonder.


Unveiled by Lone Mørch In this intimate video, Lone Mørch articulates surprising and loving insights about women and their bodies. Unveiled chronicles my intimate photographic encounters with hundreds of women over more than a decade. Inspired by my own liberating experience [...]

Ageless beauty

Ageless Beauty Portraits and article by Demetrius Fordham I had been a photographer in New York for ten years when I decided to make a change ... I began my career working in the strange and surreal [...]


Exquisite Presence Photography by Raemond Have you ever paused for a moment to truly connect with another human being? If so, you may have discovered how vulnerable and exposed you can feel when you let yourself [...]

The Embody Project

The Embody Project by Erica Mueller in the 3rd issue of Model Society Magazine   Every once in awhile we encounter a body of art that moves us to tears. And that's exactly what happened when we [...]

Men talk about models, aging bodies, full figured bodies and true beauty.

Watch the video or listen to the podcast "Can you appreciate the elegance and beauty of a human form in the peak of it’s youthful bloom… even as you celebrate the profound beauty of an entire human lifespan?"   Last week, [...]

Thomas Dodd: Visualizing the Divine Feminine

Thomas Dodd's artwork and photography exemplifies the coming together of traditional art and modern digital techniques. Thomas somehow has the inexplicable gift of seeing far beyond the mere surface of his models and into seemingly ancient and hidden ways of being. He [...]

Maria: The Advantages of Maturity

Maria started modeling at age 43 with a remarkable passion and dedication, that helped her transcend expectations of what a model is supposed to be. She embraces herself and others as being beautiful, each in their own unique light. Maria [...]

You want to be a model? The First Step is Figuring out Why!

You want to be a model? The First Step is Figuring out Why! So you want to be a model... The first step in being a model is figuring out why. Just like anything in life, the path to becoming [...]

Why the celebration of humanity as art is so important

Model Photography by Ungemuetlich Believing in human beauty Why the celebration of humanity as art is so important   In a world that is full of unkind and manipulative messages about human beauty, model Society offers you a vision of humanity [...]

Moving From the Explicit to the Sublime: Art Model Sun Kissed Sanaa

Moving From the Explicit to the Sublime Art Model Sun Kissed Sanaa   In her evolution as a nude model, Sanaa Kwa Mwili has explored many sides of nude modeling. Her earlier experiences as a model included posing for highly [...]