About Christa Maier

I have a deep seeded love affair with art, and will readily sacrifice my time, efforts, body, and image in order to be a part of it and to help others realization of it. I adore, lust for, embrace, and am filled and fulfilled by the expression, the humanity, the vision of the projects of which I am a part. I am intrigued by anything abstract, passionate, out of the ordinary, something that awakens the senses or broadens the mind, touches the soul.

The Dance of Human Relationship as Art: Models Kitty and Aaron

The moments in life that feel the most alive, are in deep connection with another human being. In their art, models Aaron and Kitty walk us through the fires of relationship. They articulate profound depths of challenge, passion, surrender and [...]

The Language of Beauty: Art Model IDiivil

The Language of Beauty Art Model IDiivil Refined & fluent in her craft, Idiviil is an art model of indisputable talent and experience. Speaking with her about modeling & her perception of beauty, provides us with a rare glimpse into [...]

Fallen Echo: Art Model with a Ravenous Appetite to Create

Art Model with a Ravenous Appetite to Create Fallen Echo Fallen Echo is a model of exceeding talent, insight, and capability. Her portfolio greets you by stating simply “I wish to create a more beautiful world with the art I [...]